Live Church Online Begins

Our History

New Beginnings

Christ Covenant was established as a church by charter on Easter Sunday, March 31, 1991, where we met at Watkins Junior High in the Bear Creek area of northwest Houston. Charles Simpson was our founding pastor and leader for the first two years of our existence. During that time, our affairs were managed by a board of trustees made up of faithful men from our congregation. Pete Sanchez Jr. served as the worship leader and one of the interim pastors when Charles traveled back to his hometown of Mobile, Alabama.

New Leadership

Once we were well established and stable as a congregation, Brother Charles began to pray about a successor to lead the church forward. Pete Sanchez answered the call and took on the responsibilities of Senior Pastor. Over the next 3 years, Brother Pete and the trustees worked together to help the church become financially sound, and to move from a governing board of Trustees to a biblical model of leadership. On our 5th anniversary, we held a great celebration where Elders and Deacons were ordained to lead the church into the future.

A Place to Call Home

Shortly after we were chartered, we began looking for a place where we could build and put down roots as a church. We purchased 15 acres in the fledgling community of Wheatstone subdivision in the middle of the Copperfield area at corner of Longenbaugh Dr. and Queenston Blvd. We didn’t have the funds to be able to build at the time, but the Wheatstone community center building across the street from our property became available for us to use as a meeting place. We took the misused space and built out the second floor as a meeting room and the first floor as an office, fellowship hall and nursery area. We were home. And we could see our future in the property just across the way.